Ladrington XI of Torusice was the 11th lord of the Lancers and the last before their massacre by Kaze'aze. He trained SF3K-X in the
Ladrington XI
 style of Lancers, using a whip to confuse and hold enemies at bay, renaming his Deimos. During the invasion of Torusice, he mobolized a small regiment of 50 soldiers, including himself and Deimos to hold Kaze'aze at bay, they did so to the last man, including Ladrington, who was cursed into the realm of Gardosen to be tortured for all eternity. Their sacrifice was in vain, and all of the inhabitants of Torusice were murdered a few hours later.

Personality Edit

Despite his serious position, Ladrington was a fairly childish person, often having serveral sweets in his back pocket, which he would randomly award to people if they did something that was good for the environment. He also had many watches, a trait that he would pass on to his successor, Deimos, each watch were set to a different time, so he knows what time it is wherever he goes. Ladrington was also fond of young woman, being a womanizer since he was first born. Similar to someone else eh?

Family Edit

Wife: Unknown, deceased

Son: Unknown, Missing

Adopted son: SF3K-X, alive

Dress Edit

Ladrington was similar to the Mad Hatter in many perspectives, with a silly personality and perculiar outfit which is uncommon anywhere. He wears a small top hat leant to the side on his head and wears a monocle with the glass taken out and replaced with a sun lense. Along with that he wears a 19th century richmans outfit, with a huge array of belts around the waist and watches on the arm. Attached to his belts is a cloth bearing the symbol of the Lancers.