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Fan Character Kyro

Elemental Apprentice
Kyro's First Job: Elemental Apprentice
Gender Male
Hometown Ellor, Ellia
Weapons Orb Of (element), (element) Soul-Blade Staff, Un-Holy (element) Book, Ringed Knuckles Of (element)
Original Job Elemental Apprentice
Age 16
Affiliations Grand Chase, Kamiki



Made By: (IGN lordraeo) (Real Name S. A.- Maclolm C.) (wiki(a) lordraeo)

Age: 16

Favorite Activity: Destroying monsters with Arme, shoving Ronan away from Arme

Pet Peeve: Lass.... he doesn't trust him, Ronan around Arme

Read Kyro's Story here!!


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
45000 GP Worn-Out Kyro Mission
  • Collect 8 Elements
  • Collect 8 Kaze 'aze Orb Shards
  • Collect 8 Kamiki Weapon Gems
  • Clear ALL of Ellia Continent Dungeons On 12px-Star.PNG 12px-Star.PNG 12px-Star.PNG Difficulty in 15 minutes each
13700 Cash Premium Kyro Mission
  • Collect a Gem


  • "Kamiki was stronger than you.... And I defeated her."
  • "A single one of my elements is stronger than any you have combined."
  • "Meaningless to me.... Like my former master."
  • "Your death will not end your suffering if I kill you slowly."
  • "I am the victor."
  • "I'm sorry to have killed you, for there is no sport in killing a weakling."
  • "Fight me again when you're breathing."

Base Skill Tree

Keystrokes Sp Required Lvl Required Skill Required Name Effect
AUTO 2 15 NONE Reflect Reflects some arrows so they don't cause damage
AUTO 3 25 Reflect Reflect II Reflects most arrows so they don't cause damage
AUTO 5 45 Reflect II Reflect III Reflects almost all arrows so they don't cause damage and some will reflect back to the shooter and hit them
x x 4 19 NONE Mana Sheild Uses a bar of MP to create a sheild around Kyro that will take a hit of damage for him