Pets are companions in Grand Chase, purchasable with either cash, points, through playing Gacha, or by creating it with a Creation Manual.

Pet InfoEdit

A pet gives its owner stats when equipped, with those stats growing as the pet levels. Each pet gives different stats, some more than others. Pets can also be equipped with an armor that is called a "costume". Only a few pets have it at this moment. Pets that have costumes now are Luna, Sidt, Pepe, Ninko, Ming Ming, Blue Fairy, and Peng Peng.

Try to keep your pets healthy by feeding them gems you can buy from the shop and crystals that you sometimes earn from defeating bosses in the dungeons. To evolve your pets you need to buy a evolution book which costs 100,000 GP, 4,000 cash, or 6,000 cash. Each pet gets a new attack when they evolve. Some pets are only obtainable through the Gacha dungeons, including Sidt, Ninko, Luna, Pepe, and Havoc. Gacha requires a Gacha coin to play, which are obtainable with Cash or through events.

With the release of Seal Breaker Gacha, certain pets can be obtained by obtaining every item in one set.

List of PetsEdit

Pet Obtainable From Evolved, Can Evolve, or Cannot Evolve Pet Card
Abingdon [The griffin] Collect an entire set of 1st Seal Breaker Gacha items from one type of gem Cannot Evolve
Arkham [The devil-like creature] Shop (6000 Cash) Cannot Evolve
Bastet [The white-looking cat] Evolved from Luna Evolved
Blue Fairy [A blue-looking fairy] Shop [6000 Cash] Can Evolve into Ice Pixie
Casanova [The wolf in a white suit] Gacha (Expired) Cannot Evolve File:Casanovacard.jpg
Chaos Pepe [The mushroom with an arrow on its head] Evolved from Pepe Evolved
Chester [The purple cat with a top hat] Collect an entire set of 5th Seal Breaker Gacha items from one type of gem Cannot Evolve
Claudia [The gothic doll] Collect an entire set of 4th Seal Breaker Gacha items from one type of gem Cannot Evolve
Cupid [An angel] Shop [5000 Cash] Cannot Evolve
DK-MARK 3 [The miniature robot] Collect an entire set of 2nd Seal Breaker Gacha items from one type of gem Cannot Evolve
Dokaebi [A Black Shaman-type] Expired Gacha Cannot Evolve File:Dokaebicard.jpg
Feste [A Harlequin] Referral of twelve people that obtain daily attendance once Cannot Evolve
Golden Slime [Winged, yellow Slime] Evolved from Slime Evolved
Gon [The baby dragon] Shop (6000 Cash) Can Evolve into Gorgon
Gorgon [The dragon] Evolved from Gon Evolved
Havoc [The flame-like wolf] Special Gacha (Expired) Cannot Evolve File:Havoccard.jpg
Helper Bot [The red and white robot] Getting all 22 Bingos by the January 19th maintenance Cannot Evolve
Ice Pixie [A blue mother fairy] Evolved from Blue Fairy Evolved
Kaze'doggeh [The Kaze'aze dog] Kaze'doggeh Creation Manual (Battle for Bermesiah Champion Mode)| Cannot Evolve File:Kazeazecard.jpg
Knight Master [The blonde mini-knight] 2nd Anniversary Box Event Cannot Evolve File:Knightmastercard.jpg
Koo'ka [The dinosaur] Shop (6000 Cash) Cannot Evolve
Krustaccio [The mini-Krakos] Krustaccio Pet Creation Manual (Victor's Fortress Champion Mode) Cannot Evolve
Lilith [The black-winged angel] Special Gacha (Gaikoz's Castle) Evolves into Lucretia File:Lilithcard.jpg
Lucretia Evolved from Lilith Evolved
Luna [The cat] Gacha (Expired) Can Evolve into Bastet File:Lunacard.jpg
Ming Ming [The panda] Shop (5000 Cash) Cannot Evolve
Mittens [The white kitten in a christmas stocking] Unavailable Cannot Evolve
Myurin [The blue starry slime] Myurin Pet Creation Manual (10,000 GP) Cannot Evolve
Nerissa [The mermaid] Collect an entire set of 3rd Seal Breaker Gacha items from one type of gem Cannot Evolve File:Nerissacard.jpg
Ninko [The ninja fox] Gacha (Expired) Can Evolve into Ninkoro File:Ninkocard.jpg
Ninkoro [The ninja fox/human] Evolved from Ninko Evolved
Peng Peng [The penguin] Shop (6000 Cash) Cannot Evolve
Pepe [The mushroom] Gacha (Expired) Can Evolve into Chaos Pepe File:Pepecard.jpg
Saku [The kimono-wearing girl] Gacha (Expired) Cannot Evolve File:Sakucard.jpg
Seamus [The leprechaun] Gacha (Outer Wall of Serdin) Cannot Evolve File:Seamuscard.jpg
Sidt [The baby bird] Gacha (Expired) Can Evolve into Sidtri File:Sidtcard.jpg
Sidtri [The fire bird] Evolved from Sidt Evolved
Slime [The green jello] Evolved from Slime Egg Can Evolve into Golden Slime
Slime Egg [A green egg] P Points Shop (??? Points) Can Evolve into Slime
Squire Gaikoz [The chibi Gaikoz] Find a pet creation manual from Gaikoz's Castle Champion Mode Cannot Evolve File:Gaikozcard.jpg
Tian Long [The oriental lion] Special Gacha (Expired) Cannot evolve File:Tianlongcard.jpg
Thanny Boy [The mini-Thanatos] Thanny Boy Creation Manual (Fortress of Ascension Champion Mode) Cannot Evolve
Winky [The pink bunny] Recharging $10 USD or more using Ultimate Game Card during the event Cannot Evolve File:Winkycard.jpg

Pet DatabaseEdit




There are various kinds of slimy creatures in the world, but the ones living in Trial Forest are specifically known as Slimes. Slimes are gentle by nature, and are affectionate toward humans. Many pet lovers love their soft, jelly-like appearance, but Slimes might leave their owners for another human that's more charming. The Slime is the only pet that requires attendance points to buy in the form of an egg. It can use a Bump Attack 100 and can evolve into a Gold Slime.


Myurin is the cousin of the slime (but sometimes he says he's not, and sometimes he says he is) that is blue in color with a star on its head. Myurin appears to have the same quality features of a regular slime. A pet manual in the Academy Tab is used to create and obtain this pet. The manual requires 100 Myurin Stars and 10 Crystals. The stars can be obtained from any dungeon beyond Gorge of Oath (3 Stars). The pet will not only cause an extremely small knockdown effect, but it increases the user's HP Regen by 40% for 7 Seconds (though the user has to be in approximate range to take the effect).




According to the history books of Serdin Kingdom, Luna is a kitten born from a shadow of the moon reflected on the mysterious water streaming from the ancient Kastulle Ruins. Luna may appear irresistibly cute, but her personality is actually aggressive and picky; she won't accept nothing less than a great warrior as her owner. Luna's agility and sharp claw attacks will be a great help to her owner in battle. Some people insist that they've seen Luna walk on her hind legs like a human, but their claims are usually dismissed as fanciful rumors. Luna Increases in attack the most out of all the Pets. It can use a Scratch Attack and can evolve into a Bastet, which is similar to the Armor Cat in Battle for Bermesiah.


Blue Fairy

Blue FairyEdit

Blue Fairy is a little ice fairy that is favored as a pet among Bermesiahn Mages. It is reported that many people have been defeated by this pet fairy, underestimating the power of her ice magic because of her cute appearance and tiny wings. It's believed that the Blue Fairy Queen is so powerful that even the strongest Mages would find it difficult to defeat her.




Sidt was originally a pet bird exclusively raised by the royal families of the Serdin and Kanavan Kingdoms, but this mysterious bird disappeared when Kaze'aze and her subordinate, Gardosen, appeared. Sidt reappeared when the Kastulle Ruins was discovered, but only Sidt babies were seen for some reason. Fittingly for a royal family pet, Sidts are majestic and gorgeous, and are expected to be look more splendid and elegant as they mature into adults.




Pepe is a toddler mushroom that romps around, and strikes enemies with its large forehead. They begin to emit toxic gas as they grow up, so Pepe were often abandoned by their owners. When the Royal Knightages learned that Pepe could use this gas in battle, the knights started to raise Pepe as their pets. Pepe may be tiny, but it is fearless and never gives up in battle. Its true power is revealed after it evolves.



Dokaebi is a Shamanic looking pet that was available from a Halloween Event. However, this pet is discontinued and only those that obtained it during the event will have it. Dokaebi's attack has good range that is the length and width of your character. The attack curses your target and makes the user invisible for a short period of time. Its base stats at are as follows:

Attack: 30 Defense: 30 Vitality: 30



Nerissa is a mermaid looking pet that is a gacha pet. Nerissa's pet skill attack shoots a whirlpool and explodes in the end. Nerissa has an advantage: her pet skill charges faster than other pets' skills. It does not evolve.


Seamus is a leprechaun from Gacha. He is often compared to Saku because of their similar usages, and said to be a more "superior" than her. He can cause a bind effect that lasts three times as longer than Saku's effect, and buffs the user's statistics. Also, the level requirement for using Seamus is 35 while Saku is 40. He cannot evolve.


Some pets were given a costume card, where the pets would obtain a different look. There was a glitch where if a player were to evolve their pet that had a costume on, it would keep the costume, and it would act like it never evolved, but its attacks are that of the evolved form.

Costume Name Obtainable From Description Costume Card
Luna Costume Card Event (Ended) A costume for Luna which can turn Luna into a Black Luna. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Luna's Custome Card

Luna's Costume Card.

Sidt Costume Card Event (Ended) A costume for Sidt in which he dress up like a cool singer. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Sidt Costume Card

Sidt Costume Card

Ninko Costume Card Event (Ended) A costume for Ninko in which he dresses like a Mexican. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.

Ninko Costume Card

Pepe Costume Card Event (Ended) A costume for Pepe that enables him to dress up like in a graveyard. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Pepe Costume Card

Pepe Costume Card

Blue Fairy's Violet Costume Card Shop (2000 Cash) A costume for Blue Fairy that dresses her purple, like the violets of Spring. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Blue Fairy

Blue Fairy Costume Card

Peng Peng's Pink Costume Card Shop (2000 Cash) A costume for Peng Peng that changes its colors to pink. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Peng Peng

Peng Peng Costume Card

Ming Ming's Qipao Costume Card Shop (2000 Cash) A costume for Ming Ming that dresses it in a Qipao, ready for the spring festival. You can put this on by going to Pet Tab in inventory and click Pet Costume option on top of your pet.
Ming Ming

Ming Ming Costume Card

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