Thralk Sabrille Zath Athras Keyava

Fan Character KeyavaEdit


Keyava 2



Race Sand Spirit
Hometown Unknown

Horn, Pendant, Anu-Bara, Sha-Gera, Storm Eye

Original Job Gateway Guardian
Age Unknown
Affiliations Unknown

Keyava Edit

  • 1st Job: Summoner
  • 2nd Job: Manipulator
  • 3rd Job: Banisher
  • 4th Job: Dark Deity
  • 5th Job: Rift Walker


Made By: Zsashas (AKA ShakerMach, Malijk, Durggan, Morak Samasa)

Age: Unknown

Favorite Activity: Unknown

Pet Peeves: Unknown

Little is known about Keyava (Pronounced Kay-Yava). Researchers are currently trying to solve clues leading to the whereabouts of this elusive being, with the aid of ancient relics found scattered throughout Alcubra. It has the ability to summon and dismiss monsters, as well as control non-summoned monsters to a certain degree, including compelling them to attack each other. It can also use Advanced Teleport Control, being able to reverse direction twice. Keyava's 3rd Job weapon, the Anu-Bara, is a staff with a small forward-curving scythe blade on the bottom and a crystal on the top. The crystal is used in Magic Mode, to cast spells, and the Anu-Bara is flipped for the blade to be used in Melee Mode. The 4th Job weapon, the Sha-Gera, is a short claw staff with a large green and gold sphere of magic held in the claw at the end that can be thrown, then returns to the staff, passing through enemies and walls. The 5th weapon, the Storm Eye, is currently unknown, except that it is capable of extremely powerful magic attacks, and can summon several powerful creatures from the Other Dimension, such as the Vraal, Drakoval, and Gore-Draken. Keyava was first encountered by the Grand Chase on the Skelra Continent, as the guardian of the Burning Desert. Keyava was convinced to join the Grand Chase after being defeated in combat, acknowledging them as worthy allies. During the battle, Keyava wields the Sha-Gera, using it to raise walls of sand and create Sand Warriors.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
80000 GP Worn-Out Keyava Mission
  • Collect 100 Ritual Stones from PvP Victories
  • Collect 10 Crowns of Sand (Sands of Illusion 3 Stars)
  • Collect 10 Dwarven Spirit Stones (Hammer's Reach 3 Stars)
  • Collect 10 Elven Spirit Stones (Hammer's Reach 3 Stars)
11000 Cash Premium Keyava Mission
  • Collect 1 Mark of the Guild (Rule Castle 3 Stars)

Job Changes Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
8000 GP

Manipulator Mission (GP)

  • Collect 300 Pendant Shards (Alcubra Continent)
  • Collect 10 Aranya's Headresses (Underpass of Lost Hope 3 Stars)
2800 Cash Manipulator Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 50 Pendant Shards (Alcubra Continent)
  • Collect Aranya's Headress (Underpass of Lost Hope 3 Stars)

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