Offical Section Edit

Kaze'aze is the queen of all evil, with ambitions to rule the land. She caused a 5 year long war between Seredin and Kanavan Kingdoms by disguising herself as one of the Queen of Serdins advisors. When Kanavan realised that Kaze'aze was behind the conflict, they sent a band of warriors known as Trackers to hunt her down, they were never seen again. Soon after this, Seredin rallied their own band to hunt her down, The Grand Chase.

Fan Section Edit

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Deimos knowledgeEdit

In his story, Kaze'aze was not the huge beast she is today, but rather a young woman with magical powers. The two fell in love during Deimos' days as her bodyguard, and had even planned to wed, but it was then it was discovered of her split personality. Thanatos feared that Deimos' would redirect her plans and turn her against him, he release her Evil side, which had been supressed for years, making it arise and take over her Good side, a kind and average lady. She gruesomly took Deimos' DNA and mixed it with her own, creating their two children, before he was cast off the castle and left to rot. She was soon turned into the being she is now with help from her servant Elena, who enhanced her powers through darkness, and allowed her to transform between a variety of forms. Years later, the surviving Deimos' joined the chase, hoping to ultimately help Kaze'azes good will arise again.

Destiny's Past Edit

Allycaeks opinion

Deviantart User Allycaeks opinion of how Kaze'aze looks as a human

When Destiny is just little(maybe younger), she just lived a simple life. Playing and wondering until one day, playing with Lass in the woods without noticing the ambush Kaze'Aze made in Silver Cross Town(North Part). She ambush all humankind there leaving no one survived only Destiny.

Kaze'aze in ErinnEdit

A Hundred Years ago, Kaze'aze had a father by the name of Cichol, and a brother named Thanatos. They despised all of good and wanted to destroy everything. They were halted by Shadow, the God of Twilight, and then petrified for punishment. A hundred years later, the stone casing around her cracked and she broke free in Bermesiah.
In a later scene, Kaze'aze attempted to take over the Shadow Realm and Shadow, though it failed.

Revenge of AishaEdit

When Aisha was just a mere baby, her hometown and people were obliterated by Kaze'aze. After time had passed, Aisha demanded vengeance against Kaze'aze for her deeds with her people.

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