Lass 5th Job Kamikaze

Weapons:Wind Blades(Asuma's Blades)


1st Move: Upper Slash: He does 2 slashes together like an X,then slashes upwards.

2nd Move: Fate of The Wind: He slashes diagonally 3 times and then he slashes the same way Jin does with Destroyer of Heaven.

3rd Move: Strike of the Kamikaze:He slashes at every angle for 5 sec. then finishes it off with a giant blue slash.

Attack CombosEdit

Normal Combo:Slashes 4 times then attacks with a backflip.

Critical attack:During the combo he slashes an X.

Double Attack: After the backflip he kicks back.

Jump Attack:He throws kunais in mid-air.

Double Jump:He can double jump.

Double Jump Attack: Just like Lire's double jump attack.

Dash Attack: He slashes 2 quick light-blue slashes.(Might go through opponent)

Buff: Increases Speed.

Invisibility: He turns invisible.

Mission DescriptionEdit

1st Task:

  • 3 Claws from Octus 1.
  • 5 Eyes of Beholders
  • 5 Pieces of Native Leader's Staff fragment 2. 1 Medal of Victory
  • 5 Pieces of Asteroth's Armor 3. 1 Claw from Octus
  • 1 Magic Orb from Mynos
  • 20 Eyes of Beholders(Always get after you defeat beholders can only get it at Temple of Cuatal)

2nd Task:

1 Piece of Starklin' Horn

  • 3 of Mynos' Wing Fragments 2. 1 Mynos' Wing Fragment
  • 1 Starklin Blade Fragment
  • 10 Pieces of Starklin' Horns
  • 30 Medals of Victory
  • 1 Magmok Horn

Taunts and EntrysEdit

  • Here we go again!
  • Die loser!
  • Hmph,at least try noob!
  • Please,Take it seriously.
  • Wind...Give me strength...
  • What a wimp.
  • Nice Try...
  • That was the Strength of the Kamikaze.





  • If he's on fatal then his power increases by 2X the power he had.
  • Able to throw paper bombs
  • If you press down during his combo he'll appear behind the opponent.
  • Life Saver:press x to save himself from fatal condition
  • Stance Attacks:
  1. Press up to jump in the air really high and throw down paralyzing kunais.
  2. Press Down to set a trap
  3. Press the opposite direction your facing to somersault backwards
  4. Press the direction you're facing to shadow step

Press XX to Stance.

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