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style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Gender Male - style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Home Continent Xenia/Silver Land - style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Weapons Knuckles, Tonfa, Chamma, Vajra - style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Original Job Fighter - style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Age 17 - style="border:1px solid black; background:#FFA5A5;" Affiliations Silver Knights, Grand Chase -


GC Jin Icon

1st Job: Fighter - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Shisa - unreleased

3rd Job: Asura - unreleased

4th Job: Rama - unreleased


Long ago on the Xenia Continent, in a tiny village park where the children of Silver Land would play, a red-headed boy would lead the other children while playing as their general. He soon caught the eye of the Silver Knights, and was admitted as a trainee. Strangely, Silver Land broke away from Xenia. As the Grand Chase pursued Kaze’azeand further into the homeland of the Silver Knights, they sought the courage of the Silver Knights with Jin. Jin is the last survivor of the revered Silver Knights guild from Silver Land. After some sort of tragedy or disaster, he went to join the Grand Chase in hopes of being of use to the team while bringing back the lost glory for his clan.

Main InfoEdit

Age: 17

Likes: Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Silver Knights, ramen

Dislikes: Ascendant God, pimento beans


  • He actually joins the Chase because his nation was killed, and hopes to rebuild it.
  • Although not stated in dialogue, he loves someone who was actually in his old guild. It isn't known how the two were split.

Special AbilityEdit

Burning Charge BarEdit

The Burning Charge (sometimes known as the Flame Charge) is a special ability wielded by fighters, who build up their "Chi" (sometimes known as "Rage Energy"). The Chi can be used to either add more attacks, or enhance his skills (requires one full bar).
The bar generates in two ways. The first using the X command, while the other being Counter-attack execution (though highly unnoticable), and at any time. Also, if Chi is not used within 7 seconds, it starts to evaporate on its own.
When the bar is completely filled (takes approximately 5 seconds, 4 if Rama), Jin will enter a phase called "Burning Mode" ("Flame Mode"). Upon doing so, he gains super-armor frames, resisting to most stuns and knockdown effects while increasing his speed. It lasts approximately 8 seconds.

Note: The Rama class generates Chi twice as fast as the other three, for obvious reasons.


Jin can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Jin Mission
9800 Cash Jin Mission (Cash)


  • Game Start

 More… "I'll give it my all!"
"I'm Jin of the Silver Knights!"
"A warrior may choose peace. All others are condemned to it!"
"Burn! My warrior spirit!"
"Will you walk the path of Asura?"
"May combat not stain the souls of those who fight!"
"I will show you the way of the world!"
"You chose your own destiny!"

When Attacking

"Take this!"
"Come on!"
"This is it!"


"You really are troublesome."
"I take it your silence is often mistaken for confusion."
"At least attempt to defend yourself."
"Your temper will make a fool of you soon enough!"
"Hah! And you worked so hard too."
"If you are a warrior, show some honor!"


"Ugh! How absurd!"
"Psh! Fail..."

Game End

"For this victory, I'm truly grateful."
"My name is Jin. It would be best to remember it."
"It's okay. You haven't seen anything yet."
"This victory, will be forever be engraved in my heart."
"Too bad... Your path ends here."
"I will not waste time with compassion."
"Let's meet again at the top."
"One day, you too will be able to stand where I am."


  • All 4 of Jin's classes have all their Skills shaped the same way.
    • 1st MP Skill is some sort of combination that somehow lifts the target.
    • 2nd MP Skill also has some sort of a longer combination that also lifts the target.
    • 3rd MP Skill has some sort of massive explosion.
  • Jin is the only character that admits his feelings (love) for another.

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