After the success of Project C.A.B.E. Sinclaire went in search for another test subject from a different time period, finding the kind and loving knight Alias Gunnar. He had been violently attacked when defending his village from an Orc invasion, and lost his entire jaw and both legs. Sinclaire extracted him from his time period, and got to work, renaming him Istafias. But unlike Cabe, he suddenly became moodier and ruder, and soon enough left under her nose. After travelling the many continents, he joined Kaze'azes army, in hopes of finding the Orcs responsible for his condition


As Alias, he was a fairly kind man, always willing to help and idolised by his entire village. After his transformation though, he entered a deep depression which he would never escape from. He had a family in his time peroid, and now they were all dead. He didn't care if he died in combat, and actually constantly asked his foe if they were going to "Finally finish" him.


Due to his almost entire body being either robot or protected by metallic casings due to scarring, Istafias doesn't actually wear much. He has Blonde/White hair which has changed due to stress and extremely visible bags. Due to his black metal jaw, his voice has a slight electrical vibration in it. The only actual clothing he wears is a large black trenchcoat with a belt dangling off it. His legs are spring boosted, and are a perfected version of Cabe's legs.


In battle, he utilizes an enhanced Katana which gives out electrical discharges at his command. Through his he has electrified the blades handle, making anyone who touches get shocked by 100,000 Volts


  • Based on Raiden's MGS4 and MGSR appearances.
  • Name based upon "Istafias" by Ragaru.

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