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The true power of Deimos has finally been released, with a fusion of ancient magics of old and powerful technology from the future, given to him by his daughter Sinclaire, Deimos has created 2 legendary weapons, Hauteclere and Durendal, enchanted devices that he calls "pistols", allowing him to fight from long ranges with incredible speeds, aswell as being able to hold
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up an acceptable defense at closer ranges.

Attack: High

Defense: Low-Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: High

Moves Edit

When in Range mode, Deimos can only fire is weapons about 10 times before reloading, which is done by pressing Z and down, as he levels he gets given 2 extra shots for his weapons

Range Mode:

Soaring Pierce: Deimos aims Durendal infront of him and fires a magic infused shot, dealing double damage to the enemy

The Freeshooter: Deimos point both of his pistols to either side, firing twice, then he crosses his arms to fire twices again, he turns to one side, jumping backwards while firing another barrage, before using the forces from his pistols to spin on his back for 3 seconds, a weak attack, but it is useful to get enemies away from you so you can think of a plan

Ravaging Discharge: Deimos leaps upwards and flips upside down, firing his guns quickly whilst spinning at extreme speeds, attacking enemies all around, and somehow manages to stay up in the air for 5 seconds without falling

Although not as powerful as his ranged mode, melee mode still is a good mode to use when you have no time to reload. Deimos flips his pistols around, holding them by the barrel, allowing him to use the flail and blade on the weapons

Melee Mode: 

Audacious Butcher: Deimos uppercuts with Durendal, and brings Hauteclere down to ground enemies

Lifting Crash: Deimos spins around at fast speeds with Hauteclere, repeatadly hitting any enemy caught in his radius, similar to Muse's "Flying Spin" but last's much longer

Lord's Gaiden:

Deimos sends billions of sonic slashes from Durendal, before throwing a orb of power from Hauteclere to finish off enemies caught. Extremely similar to Thiefs "Final Strike"
Durendal & Hauteclere

Quotes Edit

"I am here, you've got enough help to destroy legions."

"Playtime is OVER!"

"Feel the power of the Interceptor!"

"Yeah, that helped!"

"Oh, you are going DOWN!"

"Watch and Learn."

"Invaders of the land must face my wrath"