Icronice's Mountain Teaser

A Template Teaser Of Icronice's Mountain For Grand Chase Fan Season 4

Icronice's Mountain
Is A Seventh Dungeon That Rests Itself In Aclurba. Dispite, Some Enemies From Silver Land, Xenia, Tyrenna (Elestiat Sea), & Alason (Mountains Of Hell) That Makes Appearance Here.

Enemies Edit

Blue Knight Spearman Lvl 31

Icicle Gargoyle Lvl 32

Mini Blue Fairy Lvl 33

Icicle Mini Muntant Lvl 34

Icicle GashiMok Lvl 35

Ice Pyrnos Lvl 49 (Mini Boss)

Icronice Lvl 44 (Boss)

Icronice Is A Ice Demon That Has Similar Face To Krakos And Colored Blue And Has Arms And Hands Just Like Ice Nephilim And Similar Legs To A Crustean's And Colored Blue And Similar Head To Josh's Ultimatrix Hero, ColdFiernd.

Script Edit

Beggining Edit

SoundTrack - Theme Castle B

Elesis: What Is This Dungeon!

Arme: It's A Dungeon Called A Mountain Of Icronice.

Josh: It Has A Cold Device In It.

Zero: What?!

Dio: It's a Cold Device Called A Ice Core

Zero & Josh: Wooooooooooopppppeeeeeeeeeee... A Cold And Ice Core....So.....Icicled.

Boss Edit

SoundTrack - Boss Theme Vulcanus

Icronice: I'm ICRONICE, Give Your CUBES TO ME!!


Zero: No, It's Dangerous!

Icronice: It Is NOT Dangerous.

Josh: It IS Dangerous.

Dio: Let's Die Icronice!

Zero, Josh, Dio & Elesis: Charge!!!!!!

After You Died Icronice Edit

SoundTrack - Theme Ice Berg

Josh: Good Bye, Icronice, A Stupid Ice Devil Muntant!

Icronice: Aaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!!

(Josh Scanned Icronice And Died Icronice)

Elesis: Well Done.

Map Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Josh Scanned And Died Icronice.
  • There's A Golem In Icronice's Mountain, Ice Pyrnos, And Ice Pyrnos Is A Golem With Similar Wings To Duel And Similar Eyes To Darahann, The Soul Burner.
  • There Is Blue Spikey Doors Were There Similar To Red Spikey Doors In Underground Of Fire.

Themes Edit

Castle B Theme (Main Theme)

Vulcanus Theme (Boss Theme)

Altar Of Harmonie Theme (Post-Boss Battle Theme)

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