The Season 2 Loading Screen

rAfter they heard the Wyvern's story,they set out for Icicle Mountain to stop Lord Alason from going any further.1st they encountered Hana for some reason and she left telling them to look for her in Aggradon.Then, they had to face the elite guardian of Alason's corps.Finally they met face-to-face with the wretched fiend,Alason.He didn't feel like fighting right now so he summoned snowstorm clouds and a thundershock came down and a large ice demon came out of the icy abyss of Hell.The creature was very strong,they could beat the demon but Alason could delay them long enough to escape.They would keep going forward until they reach him

Monsters and Diff.Edit


Dark Minion Lvl 29

Dark Guard Lvl 29

Ice Golem Lvl 30

Dark Guardian Lvl 31

Ice Belphegor Lvl 32


The rooms go Straight up.

The freezing condition if you stay on the ground too long.

The boss room has holes in it.

The Mini boss room has two pillars to protect yourself from the Guardian's Charges.


Sieghart:So...this is Icicle Mountain.

Elesis:We have to end this here and now!

Hana:Hello,and who are you?

Elesis:We're Grand Chase here to stop evil from invading the world.

Hana:Hmmm...are you those saviors the outsiders said about?

Elesis:Seems that we're being recgonized...Ohhh!Right!Uhh,can we talk later,we're kinda busy.

Hana:Sure,I'll be waiting in Aggradon in the Highest temple of the wise.

~Hana Dissapears~

Lire:Ok,we'll talk there,now let's go!

At the Mini Boss:Edit

Dark Guardian:I've been waiting,scum...

Sieghart:Another one of Alason's Chronies,eh?

Dark Guardian:You shall not disturb Lord Alason,this is your grave!

Sieghart:Well,I'm not going down without a fight!


At the Boss:Edit

Alason:We finally meet Grand Chase.

Sieghart:That face!!!

Alason:Yes,yes Sieghart,it's me,your partner.

Sieghart:So,you changed your name huh,I guess I wouldn't have any problem slashing you to bits,Fiore.

Alason:Oh,I'm not fighting,I'll send something fun for you to have fun with.

~The Thundershock comes down and the ground splits open~

Alason:Meet my new pet,anyways tata!^^

Sieghart:Grrrr,he was planning this from the start!Come on guys let's beat this demon and chase him!

Ice Belphegor:Gggggrrrrrruuuuuuuuuaaaaaawwwwwrrrrrr!

After the Boss:Edit

Ice Belphegor:GRRRRRAAAAHHHHH!!!!!'s useless,it's too strong...

Sieghart:Don't give up guys!We still have a chance!

Ethan:I feel a very strange power,it's coming from the sky!


  • A sparkling light came down to Ethan's hands and it tranformed into a Claymore.

Ethan:What is this weapon?I feel very dark but still have the justice of good in me....

???:Use this wisely,save the chase.....

Ethan:Got it!!!Take this,Luna Berserk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Belphegor:RAAAHHH!!!!!!

Sieghart:What happened?!

Ethan:I dunno but whatever it was,it saved our lives.

Sieghart:Come on guys!We have a continent to save!


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