left|27px Icicle Desert (Also Known As Ice Dungeon, Or Frozen Desert) (Now Available On PHGWCFCOTW2010, NAGCFWC2010 & KRGCFWC2010) Is A Dungeon That Players Start On Sellia! Starting With Icicle Boss Enemies: 4 Icicle Nessonurs, 4 Icicle Aranyas, 4 Icicle Gaikozes, 4 Icicle MogBans, & 4 Icicle DreyaBots. Finally, The Icicle Boss Room Is Reached

Enemies Edit

  • Icicle Aranya (First)
  • Icicle Gaikoz (2nd)
  • Icicle MogBan (3rd)
  • Icicle Nessonur (4th)
  • Icicle DreyaBot (5th)
  • Icicle Gorgon (Last)
  • Icicle Bug King (Last) (Boss)

Map Edit

(Start) - > (?) - >(?) - > (?) - > (?) - > (BOSS)

  • The BackGround
  • Dreya's Icicle Form
  • Aranya's Icicle Form
  • Frozen Gaikoz (Unused Skin Is Purple) (Skin Is Now Light Blue)
  • MogBans With Their Icicle Form
  • Nessonur's Element Is Now Ice (Unused Element Was Fire)
  • The Boss Of Ice Dungeon

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