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Lloyd had heard of the so called Hoplites of old. They were said to be the greatest defence troops known to man. Lloyd's older brother Orion always wanted to analyse these techniques, and thus Lloyd has brought it on himself, arming himself with a Hoplon shield and spear.

Attack: High

Defence: High

Vitality: High

Speed: Very Low


United Defensive: Lloyd hides under his shield, spinning his spear. Defence up for 1 minute.

United Offensive: Lloyd stabs repeatadly with his spear, before uppercutting and kicking forward.

Brothers in Arms: Orion appears next to Lloyd, before opening a book and reading. Lloyd gets powered up by pure knowledge, spinning his shield. A beam is created, and he waves it around wildly.


"Brace yourself!"

"Find the meaning BEHIND the words."

"I am the Son of Liberty!"

"Choose your own legacy, its up to you to decide."

"We all have the freedom to spread the word."

"Argh! Blast!"

"Doof! Steady! STEADY!"

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