Main Info

Age: Unknown (~16)

Favorite Activities: Unknown

Race: Demon/Psyen

Pet Peeve: Unknown

Hirato, one of the last Psyens, he was the strongest of them. But his father is a demon, and his Psyen powers went into his bandaged left hand. After removing the bandage, he had a Rake Hand much similar to Dio's.

Later, Hirato befriended Dio. In the Demon War, he went to Kounat to inform. The kingdom was eventually destroyed and Hirato wasn't affected. He was a member of a secret small team, the Darkhold, which the leader Helios takes him to the demon world. Hirato at that state was unknown. He showed up again in Archimedia, on the Thunder Hammer. He was actually spying.

But later, when the Grand Chase encountered Duel, Hirato showed up. He throws a Mithril Sword and leaves.


  • He is a part of team called the Darkhold. The members are Hirato, Xure, Helios and Vladimir.


Hirato GP MissionEdit

Costs: 3000 GP

Mission Description:

  • "A mission to unlock Hirato, the knight who."
  • " Have you ever heard of a Sorcerer who holds Melee Weapons and Books? He wanted to join you, but first, If you are strong enough, you can complete his task."

Mission Objectives

  • Part 1 - Slay Golem on Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor and collect 50 fragments of Hirato's Lesser Magic Orb!
  • Part 2 - Slay Dark Anmon on Battle for Bermesiah and collect 51 fragments of Hirato's Greater Magic Orb!

Hirato Mission (Cash)Edit

Costs: 4000 Cash

Mission Descripton:

  • "A mission to unlock Hirato, easier!"

Mission Objectives

  • Collect 2 Gems

Hirato GP Mission (By Dio)Edit

Costs: 10000 GP

  • "Hirato


1st Job: Infinity Knight

2nd Job: Bliss of the Infinity

3rd Job: Ender

4th Job: Power Master


  • "You've reached the end of the line already."
  • "Helios, where the heck are you?"
  • "Come on."
  • "You are well utilized."
  • "Show me your strongest power."
  • ""
  • "I'll cost a fracture."
  • "I'm not frightened.'"
  • "I can't end this.."
  • "Ermmm.."
  • "This is just a power, don't be scared. You have one already."
  • "This is a hack and slash game~"
  • "You've gotta kidding me."


  • Hirato's friend is Dio. Maybe it is because of them having Rake Hands, showing ultimate power.
  • Hirato is the second character that make the most physical appeareances in the game.
  • Hirato also has a Rake Hand, but very different.
    • His Rake Hand is blue like Dio, but the appearance is different. It is a sign of his power.
  • The 4th Job of Hirato, the Power Master, is a title with the same meaning of Power Leaders.
    • Hirato is different from the Power Leaders; his body color, having hair and size.

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