Weapon: Book and Mace


White Magic

1. Force Shock - Like Ronan's Rune Spiral but smaller and longer and when it hits you, you will be thrown across the screen.

2. Hail Storm - Like Arch Ranger's Chakra but with Ice Spikes.

3. Supernova - Arme focuses energy into her Mace then she smashes it into the ground, and there is a huge white explosion around her.

Black Magic

1. Decay - Summons a single Meteor that inflicts Curse status.

2. Lightning Barrage - Surrounds Arme in a twisting pillar of lightning.

3. Black Hole - Arme conjures a black magic sphere the same size as the fireball thrown by Kaze'aze. She throws it across the map at high speed and anyone in its path will get pulled along with it.

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