Fan Char. HadethenEdit


Normal black wings 1




Likes: War, Fights

Dislikes:Times of Peace

Hadethen is an elf from a great elven city called Girezzin.She was the head of the army there and won every war she fought in.After hearing the land of Alcubra was attacked the King of Girezzin sent her to investigate on the matter.At the Underpass of Lost Hope she meets the Grand chase and disides it would be best for the kingdom if she joined them in there hunt.

Hadethen is like a war lord.She uses alot of war instruments.

1st:Marshel Wepon:Duble bladed sword

2nd:War Scout Wepeon:Curved blade dagger swords

3rd:War General Wepeon:Hand cannon and Whip


1st job mp:

1mp:Slash attack:slashes the enemy over and over again

2nd:Head Crusher:Hadethen sends her sword down crushing the enemy

3rd:Fatal charge:Hadethen charges at the enemy doing a great amount of damage.

2nd job:

1mp:Head slice:Cut the enemy into pieces

2mp:Backstabe:Stabs the enemy in the back

3rd:War cry:Sends out a deathing war cry

3rd job:

1st:Whip crack:Hits the enemys multipul times with the whip

2nd:Cannon shot:Fires 3 flaming cannon balls

3rd:Cannon Explosion:Sends out a firey cannon shell that blows up half the screen.

Hadethens theme is Kingdom Hearts Having a Wild Time:

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