Hades' Goddess


Since being victorious in showing Hades her power, he has officially made her his "goddess", obeying her commands. But, every goddess needs to learn a specific type of music, right? That's where Hades' Goddess comes in, with a large, charcoal black cello. Pros about Hades' Goddess: VERY high attack. Cons: When dashing, it looks like you're walking. (Slowmo! D:<)Her bow is rigged with an electric chain, used for a large amount of damage.


1st Skill)Venez - Kurai shoots out her electric chain, wrapping it around the enemy and bringing them up close to her while damaging simultaneously. (Similar to Attraction.)

2nd Skill)Fulminare - Kurai somewhat somehow shoots a lightning bolt from her bow, going through the enemies in front of her while stunning them.

3rd Skill)Mourir - Using Hades' power, she carries the cello over her head and positions herself in front of the enemies in a batter pose. She then yells out, "Batter's up!" and swings her cello, smacking into the enemy and sending them towards the other side of the screen. Witnesses report that they go into space and never come back. (...xD)


  • "Get ready to die by the hands of Hades' Goddess."
  • -Curtsies-"Hope you enjoy my music..."
  • "...You actually did die by my hands..."
  • "Thank you for listening, now don't ever come back..."

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