Hades will be proven wrong when Kurai finally show him her true power. Getting this job, will overthrow Hades off of his throne. Hades uses Reaper Claws. Large, wolf-like claws, with the exception of hooks at the end of each claw for more damage. Hades has been known to be the fiercest job for Kurai, and it turns out she's going to make the battlefield even more bloodier.


'Think that you can overthrow me?! Ha! Foolish child...If you really want to overthrow me, prove to me that you're the best of the best! -Hades'

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives

Hades Mission (GP)

  • Collect 4 Kaze'aze Hearts in Kaze'aze's Castle difficulty 3*
  • Collect 50 Hearts in PvP or any dungeon
  • Gather 3 Basilisk's Hearts in Temple of Fire difficulty 3*
  • Slay Gardosen 10 times in Hell Bridge on any difficulty
  • Slay Elena 5 times in Ellia's Continent on any difficulty
  • Get 1 Hellmaker in Kaze'aze's Castle difficulty 3*
10000Cash Hades Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 2 Kaze'aze Hearts in Kaze'aze's Castle difficulty 3*
  • Collect 10 Hearts in PvP or any dungeon
  • Get 1 Hellmaker in Kaze'aze's Castle difficulty 3*


1st Skill) Hands of the Damned - Kurai summons multiple hands from the palm of her claws, grabbing the opponent(s) and sending them to the other side of the screen. While pressing ^ the opponent(s) get sent into the air, while pressing down, the opponent(s) smash into the ground.

2nd Skill) Uppercut Slam - Kurai grabs the opponent forcefully, slashing them upward into the air. She jumps up and claws them downward into the closest enemy. (Like her 2nd skill in DJ on Fight Mode.)

3rd Skill) Hades' Fury - Summoning Hades himself, he stomps on the ground multiple times, then sends down a ring of fire that petrifies the opponents. Causes massive damage, or leaves them fatal. Kurai gains hp depending on how many enemies are petrified.


  • "I will take over Hades' throne, whether he likes it or not."
  • "I don't mess around like I did in the past."
  • "Hades will surely murder you for this!"
  • "You just bought yourself a one way ticket to Hell!"
  • "You got me one step closer to taking over Hades' throne..."
  • "The past is over, the present is now, but the future...I will take over."

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