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Raide's First Job And Weapon

Description Edit

Raide's first job is Guardian. As a Guardian he uses a shield with 5 spikes on its face, by using those spike he can attack with the shield as well as defend. His attacks are mainlt based on supporting teammates

Attack: Low

Defense: High

Vitality: High

Unlocking Edit

Guardian is the first job for Raide, so it does not need to be unlocked.

Basic Moves Edit

Defense Edit

1st Mp Skill (Unison Shield): Defense buff for 30 seconds

2nd Mp Skill (Unexpected Bravery): All attacks taken by allies are instead taken by Raide for 20 seconds

3rd Mp Skill (Kaze 'aze's Grip): Kaze'azes hands appear from a portal and wrap around Raide and teammates giving allies 20 second invincibilty and Super armour

Offense Edit

1st Mp Skill (Donation Suprise): Raide throws his shield ahead of him, then it flys back to his hand, long range but fairly weak

2nd Mp Skill (Valiant Charge): His shield has a magicial blade appear on its end, then he charges, spinning around wildly

3rd Mp Skill (Kaze'aze Stomp): A portal appears, and Kaze'aze uses her ground pound attack.

Quotes Edit

"Hey, wheres the nearest dry cleaners?"

"I've got your back"

"Touch Amy and I may have to decapitate you... Kidding..."

"Lets get this over with, I've got women to flirt with!"

"Hey Jin, watch this!"

"Feet don't fail me now!" *When low on health*

"The battle hasn't ended!"

"We still have a chance"


"I. Want YOU baby!"

"Leeeeettttssss. GO!"