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Grave Kepper is Kohnoi's third class and a good pick, his attacks can some times be slow but are all around powerful, alot more powerful then his perviousclasses which focused more on balance than anything else.


Scyth combos

Z: a medium sized swing

Z-Z: and swing and an elbow to the gut

Z-Z-Z:all of the above and an uppercut with the scyth

Z-Z-Z-Z: all of the above followed by a slam down with his scyth, similar to Asuras combo

Scyth Skills

Up+Z a spin with the scyth

Forward+Z: jumps forward with a spin, when Z is pressed again he makes a mgic pillar

Sword Combos

Z: a slow slash

Z-Z: a slow slash followed by a stab to the ground

Z-Z-Z: all of the above and a magical explosion

Sword Skills

Up+Z: a spinning upercut

Forward+Z: does a dash attack

Mp AttacksEdit

Scyth 1: a quick spin with his scyth

Scyth 2: 5 magic pillars for as he cuts them up

Scyth 3: he does a med sized combo ending with him pulling back his blade and sucking energy in a round shape (similar to spell the rune) after 3 seconds of this he slashes onces more making an explosion and healing himself a tad bit

Sword 1: a short, slow combo

Sword 2: a magic explosion followed by an uppercut

Sword 3: Kohnoi jumps into the air and delvs down making an explosion of dark energy, but hes not done, he then raises his hand and sucks the dark energy away into his hand. when the attack is over, he cannot switch to scyth until his first mp is used again, which is about 5X stronger and causes explosions with every hit.

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