After the Grand Chase Saw The Dark Orb Shattered Fragments,Coco Turn
Into Gaurdian Mist.

Mist Is Now Controlled By Coco.IN Appeareance Coco's eyes will turn into green and has the eyes of an eagle

Her weapon is eagle staff.


White magic

White Glacier-Deep impact meteors turn to ice hitting enemies.

Heaven's Servant-The Ark of the covenent aPPEARS Heaking Allies.

Grand Slam-Coco Slams The Scythe Summoning GC Star Hitting Enemies.

Black Magic

Devil's Gun-Transforms the Weapon into Gun Cancel press C Button.

Dark Destroyer-Coco Slashes the Scythe Multiple times,Giving Massive Energy To use God's Light Shooting to All Enemies.

Hell's Disaster-Coco Angers In Rage Summoning Warrior Angels Fighting for Glory.This Skill Is 1 Hit k.o To Dungeons and PvP if the level is 50 and above.


This is Now Officially The 5th Class of Coco.

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