Leon was a renowned gambler in all of his years, infact, after a fateful game of dice with Ladrington, he technically ruled half of Xenia! Years later, wanting to ressurect what he was good at, Leon pulls out his lucky dice to cause all out panic in enemy ranks, but remember, have good luck (Note: Rings, Necklaces and Anklets are lucky charms, the higher level they are, the luckier Leon is)

Attack: Low- Very High (Starts at medium)

Defence: Low-Very High (Starts at medium)

Vitality: Low-Very High (Starts at medium)

Speed: Low-Very High (Starts at medium)


Fourth-Clover: Leon throws his dice up, which either grow or shrink as he kicks them forward. The larger they are the more damage.

Horse Hoof Hook: Leon bounces his dice on the floor and dashes forward with his hand out, causing a status infliction to anyone he jabs, from poisoning them to healing them.

Snake Eyes: Leon clenches his dices, blowing on them before launching them into the air. The Dices will then fire a beam forward, that will either damage the opponent when hits something, or damage you when it hits something.


"*Sigh* You do try, don't you..."

"Kicked some ass!"

"Stop, Drop and facepalm!"

"Offf, the burn!"

"Aye!! What!? I didn't rig the dice or anything!

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