Galaxy Of Hell Is A Second Hackredoic Dungeon In Creation. It Will Take Roll On January 30, 2011.
HellGalaxy2011.01.30 GCFS4

Notes Edit

(Coming Soon) Enemies Edit

First Room Edit

Mini Ice Golem Lvl 34

Fire Gargoyle Lvl 34

Lightning Triforya Lvl 34

2 Second Rooms Edit

Stage 2-1

  • Bloodwind Ergate Lvl 44
  • Fytros Lvl 44

Stage 2-2

  • Ice Wyrm Spawn Lvl 44
  • Violent Ice Bug Lvl 44 (Similar To The Ice Boss In GCFS4, Icicle Bug King)

Third Room: Sanctum Of Life Edit

Stantiel Lvl 54

Rukkha's Branch Lvl 54

Mini Stone Golem Lvl 54

Stone Golem Lvl 64 (Mini Boss)

Final Room: Lightning Star Edit

OmniSentry 1 Lvl 64

OmniSentry 2 Lvl 64

DragonDiamond Lvl 74 (Boss)

(Coming Soon) Story Edit

Beginning Edit

DragonDiamond: Welcome To The Galaxy!

Elesis: What Du?

Josh: Let's Die Some Enemies Now!


Next Room Edit


Next Room Edit


Boss Edit

DragonDiamond: Very Good! Finnaly! Now...DIE!

Josh & Elesis: Charge!!!

Post-Boss Battle Edit

DragonDiamond: Dahahaha! I Now Fly Away! (The Screen Goes Blue When DragonDiamond Flies Away)

  • DragonDiamond Flew Away.

Josh: Was He Defeated

Elesis: No....He...Actullay...Flew Away!

Elesis & Josh: We Did It!

(Coming Soon) Themes Edit

Main Theme Edit

  • Theme: Furnace Of Hell (theme_furnaceofhell.mp3)

Boss Theme Edit

  • Track R (trackr.mp3)

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