Being bored of a DJ, Kurai finally found something exciting to play with: fire. She wields a pair of Chakrams that are entirely made of flames, but looks as if they're made of steel and metal. She's slow when moving since the Chakrams weigh her down, but makes up for it by having high attack.


'I have heard you are a great DJ! But, ever played with fire? Finish this stuff, and you'll be able to play with fire, however much it pleases you. - Hades'

Worn-out Fuego mission
  • Collect 300 Chakram Fragments between Marsh of Oblivion and Gaikoz's Castle
  • Collect 10 Gaikoz Spirits in Gaikoz's Castle difficulty 3*
Premium Fuego mission
  • Collect 200 Chakram Fragments between Marsh of Oblivion and Gaikoz's Castle
  • Collect 1 Gaikoz Spirit in Gaikoz's Castle difficulty 3*


1st Skill) Attraction - Kurai throws her Chakram at the opponent in front of her, stabbing them in the stomach and dragging him towards her. The more farther the enemy is, the more damage it causes.

2nd Skill) Fire Pillar - Kurai throws down her Chakrams at both sides of her body, making flames erupt from the ground and spread out through the screen. It covers a wide area, and leaves the opponent(s) fatal if hit.

3rd Skill) Overheat - Placing her Chakrams infront of her chest, Kurai fires a large beam of fire at the opponents, burning through anything in its path. (Like Battlemage's 3rd White Skill) Also leaves a sliight burn.


  • "Name's Kurai, and don't forget it!"
  • "Ready to play with fire?"
  • "You...Sniveling little...!"
  • "Ha! Can't even hit me!"
  • "Shoot...Turns out you forgot when I 5th degree burned you..."
  • "Turns out you weren't ready to play..."

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