After their experience through the Lake of Doom they saw a forest and was shocked that the Asailians didn't destroy this forest.They were wondering what was happening so they entered the forest.Butn they kept getting back to where they were

But somehow Ethan used his slashes to reveal the truth.His slashes went straight through the trees and it was all an illusion.They headed forwards into the field until they found a man called Rokudo Mukera.He was the on who made the illusion of the forest.He didn't let them pass and had a big fight.When Mukera couldn't take it anymore,he explained their are various evils and regions of Alasion.Their are the Shore Region,Mountian Region,Volcanic Region,Hell Region,Blizzard Region,and Illusion region.How will they make it to Alason Palace before it's too late?

Monsters and DifficultyEdit


Moss Slime Lvl 23

Moss Mushroom Lvl 23

Wood Chomper Lvl 23
Nature Destroyer Lvl 24

Rokudo Mukera Lvl 25




Ryan:Hey,why is there a forest here?

Sieghart;This is strange,the Asalians should've destroyed it already.

Lire:This is weird,I don't think this is a forest at all!

Ryan:I can't feel Mother Nature,what's going on!

Elesis:Let's go and see what's causing all of this!



At The Mini Boss:Edit

Elesis:Hey!We're back where we started!


Rokudo:Yes... you shall not pass...


Rokudo:Well,I shouldn't leave you alone,go,Nature Destroyer!

Nature Destroyer:Rah!!!!!!!!!!

Sieghart:This won't stop me!

At the boss:Edit

Rokudo:So you figured out my trick.

Elesis:So it was you who caused the illusion!

Rokudo:Yes,and you cannot pass!


Rokudo:Because beyond these lands are regions of evil!

Ronan:We can handle it just let us pass!

Rokudo:Never!I am the illusionist Rokudo Mukera,you shall not pass!

Ethan:So you wanna play it that way huh?Then we'll have to use force!

Lire:(That sentence is oddly familiar...-_-)

Theme SongEdit

Whispering Woods

Guardian Ent

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