Shadow's 1st Job




As Shadow travels throughout Erinn, he used the Element of Flame, to engulf his enemies. He kept using the Fire Element to burn anything in his way, and destroy his opponents. He also carries around Twin Daggers for quick slashing movements.

Quite impressively, not only his power is enraged, but his defense and quick magic movements are as well. This might be of what makes him an incredible warrior...

Basic MovementsEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZ Basic Combo A three hit punch combo. The 3rd hit will use a uppercut attack.
ZZ+Arrow R Crit/Double: Fire Palm During the Basic Combo, the next hit will instead produce a Flaming Punch.
Grab Effect Spin Slash Shadow will push the target onto the ground, and leap across, using a spin attack.
Fall Recovery Windmill Shadow will do a Spinning Kick attack from fell.
Arrow U+Z Aerial Slash Shadow will pull out his two daggers and then use them as a twin strike.
Arrow U+Arrow D+Z Aerial Dive Shadow will dive down in a diagonal manner in a quick speed movement. Will cut things along the way.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Gale Attack Shadow will do a Sword Thrust during a dash. Not wide, but heavy punisher.
Arrow U+Z Flame Fang Shadow will use a Flaming Slashing Uppercut with his Twin Daggers.
Arrow D+Z Flame Breaker Shadow will shoot a wave of Flame on the ground. Opponents struck will ride the flames. The Flame Breaker gets smaller on dependant distance.
Arrow U+ZZ Casting Firebolt Shadow will cast a Firebolt, a round flame produced of energy. Can cast up to 5. More charges, the more damage.
(Note: Casting Firebolt takes about 2 seconds to cast. If knocked down with any possible charges, only one gets removed.)
Arrow R+Z with Firebolt Charges Firebolt Shadow will throw the Firebolt at the target. The bolt has enormous power to knock down the target and deal tremendous damage. Per charge adds 1x attack.


Elemental MagicEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st MP Skill Flame Shot This blazing skill shoots a powerful flame infront of its user, which has powerful abilities to push back foes. It almost appears to be the same as Warlock's Tornado.
2nd MP Skill Fireball A massive Firebolt is casted. This bolt turns into a huge meteor ontop of the targeted foe's location and makes a massive impact (Length is full screen, Height is half).

(Note: It takes 5 full seconds to fully cast the spell, leaving yourself fully vulnerable to interceptions. If the user is intercepted during the 5 seconds, the charging will automatically cancel)

3rd MP Skill Blaze This firey attack launches a massive wave ontop of an enemy, heavily pushing them back. After enough distance, it creates a dangerous explosion; more dangerous than the Fireball Spell.

(Note: This attack is a "charging" spell, meaning that after every second until a max of 5, it grows in strength. Of course, that also leaves you vulnerable. Plus, this is a melee attack and not a ranged one.)

Combat AttacksEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st MP Skill Dagger Strike Shadow pulls out his own two daggers and strikes infront of him, dealing 6 hits total for small damage. After the four hits, he will slice forward with his last two strikes, pushing the foe backward.
2nd MP Skill Flame Blade Shadow enchants his blades with a flaming edge, and then makes powerful slashes forward, backward, and then forward again. An excellent combination of Spinning Slash and Destroyer of Heaven.
3rd MP Skill Meteor Strike Shadow will do a heavy Meteor Uppercut attack. While in midair, he will throw his Daggers at the ground, striking the target stuck down to it. Shadow will then do a heavy Meteor Kick to the target, recollect his Daggers, and end with a backflip kick. A glorious fusion of Demonic Grinding Punisher and Muse Kick combined!

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