1st Job

Dark Knight

2nd Job:Chaos Knight

3rd Job:Vampire Knight

4th Job:Phantom Knight

5th Job:Hell Knight

Weapon:Dark Arm-attached blades

Runes Skills and Rune Bar


Fiore's blades can often block attacks and summon magical runes.Fiore also has the option to slash.He has very high attack along with defense,but his speed is the lowest of the 3,but his speed is just normal.He also uses runes to power or defend himself.Also he can defend himself too with the skill of Runes.He has a tiny bar under the MP bar that steadily rises up,hold X to do a special based on the level.


Dark Impulse:Runes circle and spin in a circle in front of Fiore.Etheral Blades stick out and stay in the runes as Fiore stabs with the arm blades and the Etheral blades all at once(2 Hits)

Reverse Blast:Fiore slashes with the arm blades and kicks the enemy into the air,then a Giga Crash blasts down from the air.(6 Hits)

Dark Punisher:Runes circle around Fiore and shoot Etheral Blades and after the shooting,Fiore slashes with the blades an X.(12 hits)


Basic Combo:ZZZZ,Punches 3 times and explodes 2 runes(5 Hits)

Critcal Combo:ZZZ+Left,Punches 3 times then summons a rune pillar to shoot the enemy up.(5 Hits)

Aerial Attack:ZZZZ+Up,Punches 3 times,explodes 2 runes,then stabs upwards with his blade.(6 Hits)

Jump Attack:Up+Z,Explodes a rune in midair.(1 Hit)

Etheral Pillar:While dashing,Left+Left+Right+Z,A pillar rises up.(1 Hit)

Dash:Right+Right,Rolls a few feet.

Dash Attack:Right+Right+Z,Fiore leaps and stabs a blade and goes behind the enemy.(2 Hits)

Rune Skills:

  • Special 1:Rune Stab:A Small Rune Spiral stabs the enemy.(1 Hit)
  • Special 2:Rune Sheild:A rune covers him for 4 sec.
  • Special 3:Rune Break:Fiore blasts a rune and it explodes.(4 hits)

Grab:Holds the enemy's shoulder and his arm is slowly get ready to punch the enemy with Rune Force(Like how Flame Sword gets ready).


  • Guess I don't have a choice.
  • Victory will be mine.
  • At least show some strength.
  • Foolish...
  • Die!(When he does a special)
  • You should try harder.
  • I had my soul stolen from me,and it returned.


Greetings,Grand Chase,My name's Fiore and I'm Sieghart's partner.My soul was taken by Xanxus but luckily Sieghart saved it.Now I wish to join you.But my strength is feeling low so can you do these errands while I get ready?


GP Mission:

  • Defeat Alason 3 times
  • Win PvP 20 times
  • Claim 10 pieces of armor from Gordosen

Cash Mission:

  • Obtain 1 Crystal

Theme SongEdit

Monastary in Disguise

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