A Mission To Get Fieros Mask And Open Zion The New Continent

Legend Name Objective

Fieros Mask Mission Part 1 Tyrenna Step 1

  • Collect 400 Broken Staff From Lair Of The Everlasting
  • Collect 40 Knight Master's Final Message In The Magician Steps
  • Collect 100 Deemonitor Dreya's Chaos Orb
  • Complete Burnona's Falls 70 Times
  • Collect 200 Treasures From Creeping Chest In Dark Crater
  • Collect 60 Battle Certificates

Fieros Mask Mission Part 1 Tyrenna Step 2

  • Collect 200 Proof Of Disciples From The Ruins Of The Temple Of Disciple
  • Collect 40 Kamiki-REDUX Chaos Orb From The Magician Steps
  • Collect 1 Fainted Crystal By Finishing Burnona Falls Champion Mode
  • Complete Dragon's Covinent 70 Times
  • Collect 20 Roia Map Piece From Any Tyrenna Dungeon
  • Collect 200 Roia Continent's Traces

Fieros Mask Mission Part 2/Last Roia Step 1

  • Finish Sea Port 1*
  • Get 300 Zion Traces
  • Collect 70

Fieros Mask Mission Part 2/Last Roia Step 2


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