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Whilst travelling Ellia in search of anmon officers to stalk and tear information from, Lloyd found 2 shattered hooks buried near Kaze'azes Castle. They were surrounded by a dark energy, but he was able to cleanse them into a force of light. Now holy weapons, Lloyd takes them up to his own arms, and prepares to purify tainted souls. The Exorcist leaps into the fray!

Attack: Medium

Defence: Medium

Vitality: High

Speed: High


Nobles Penalty: Lloyd crouches, before spinning into the air with a kick, before backflipping off the targeted enemy. Similar to Vanquishers dash attack v attack

Wait for thou: Lloyd jumps up and down 3 times, sending a weak shockwave all round after each leap. Floors enemies

Decendant Destruction: Lloyd spins his hooks above his head, launching souls forward. If these attacks hit an enemy, he is lifted into the air, before a large explosion occurs


"Pulling through is what I do!"

"The end? This is just the beginning!"

"Argh, lost my footing there..."

"Offf, how much of a fool am I?"

"Nap times over kiddo."

"Mehheh, this is making me sleepy..."

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