The World of Erinn

Erinn is another world that is said to have eternal paradise for all living beings. Until...
The Fomors came and attacked, destroying everything in their path. They caused mass chaos over the world, and Humans begun to fight back for many years.

There are three known native tribes to Erinn. The first tribe is called the Partholon, who were the firsts to arrive on Erinn. They worked hard to flourish Erinn's peace, but somehow they all vanquished...
The second tribe are the Tutha Dé Dananns, who are the descendants of the Parolothons. They also worked hard to keep the peace, and fended off Fomorians for thousands of years
The last tribe known are the Milletians, whom are technical "spirits" amongst beings. They help Tutha Dé Dananns battle against Fomorians while keeping peace. Milletians are prophecized as "heros".

The three races amongst Erinn are the Humans, Elves, and Giants.
Humans are the first race to be spotted. They are the technical "Hybrids" of the three races.
The Elves are the second race seen. They live on Iria, and reside under desert regions. They specialize in ranged weaponry, but melee is half efficient as humans.
Giants are the last race met, whom also live in Iria under snowy plains. Giant's melee power is twice as strong as humans, but pose lesser magical power and cannot use ranged tools (within an exception of a throwing javelin, though extremely weak).

Erinn is divided into two continents.
The continent on the left is called Uladh.
The larger continent on the right is called Iria.
Erinn also has a "Parallel" World called Tir Na Nog, which is actually an even worser wasteland provided. It is later said that Tir Na Nog is actually Erinn itself, and the "Erinn" we call is just a place to preserve life.

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