Ellia is the second continent in Grand Chase, the others being Bermesiah, Silver Land, Alcubra, Xenia, and Archimedia. It consists of eight dungeons.


Players must complete Gaikoz's Castle in order to unlock Ellia and its first dungeon, Partusay's Sea.


The following dungeons are on the continent of Ellia, in order of appearance:

Template:Partusay's Sea ▐ Crest: Poseidon's Successor Template:Kamiki's Castle ▐ Crest: Devil Hunter Template:Temple of Fire ▐ Crest: Basilisk Slayer Template:Hell Bridge ▐ Crest: Hell's Revelation Template:Kaze'aze's Castle ▐ Crest: Grand Chase Template:Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor ▐ Crest: Peryton's Successor Template:Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor ▐ Crest: Vanquisher of Kastulle Ruins Template:Battle for Bermesiah ▐ Crest: Guardian Knight

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