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Character Sakura


After defeating Kamiki, elemental magic user, and obtaining her weapons, Sakura understood the true power of elements. Now, their personifications can be summoned and ruled by their Ruler.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
100000 GP Ruler of Elements Mission (GP)
  • Win 25 PvP matches
  • Clear Ellia Continent 10 times (3 star)
  • Collect 15 Gems of Kamiki
  • Clear Kaze’aze’s Castle 5 times in 15 minutes
  • Collect 1 Peacemaker
9000 Cash Ruler Of Elements (Cash)
  • Collect 1 Gem of Kamiki
  • Collect 1 Peacemaker
  • Win 1 PvP match

Basic SkillsEdit


Salamander (fire) – ZZZZZ (burning flames)

Undine (ice) - ZZ< (freezing breathe)

Sylph (wind) - <jump> ZZ (double jump)

Therr (earth) - ZZ^ (throws a rock)

Ixion (lightning) - ZZ> (stun)


This time, Sakura uses Black and White Magic.

Black Magic Edit

Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Wind Cut Wind cuts all enemies in front of Ruler. Deals average damage.
LVL 2 God's Anger Thunderbolts strike the ground continuosly.
LVL 3 Grand Meteor A huge burning rock strikes the enemy with great explosion, dealing great damage.

White MagicEdit

Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Greater Teleport Teleports to the other end of the map.
LVL 2 Slowdown All enemies except players are slowing down with attack and moving (5 seconds).
LVL 3 Judgement Holy beam strikes enemies and cures party.


  • Be polite and say "hello" to my new friends.
  • Don't get it yet? Get lost!
  • Mala suerte... (Bad luck...)