Dynasty Temple
After Grand Chase finished off Alason,they pursuing Xanxus in Aggradon.When they were wandering in the depths of Aggradon Border,they encountered one of the Dynasty Knight,Fong,and had a fierce battle.Then when it was about to end Jade put a stop to it using the power of Sol.They now enter the temple to rest.


Lv l47-49 Evil Prime Knight Lvl 47

Evil Prime Paladin Lvl 47

Evil Prime Commander Lvl 49 (Boss)



  • Elesis
  • Sieghart
  • Jin
  • Jade
  • Arme


  • Jade's special SolBlaster
  • 7 Pendants of the Sky


The dungeon goes straight up,7 rooms in total.

Prime Knights are in the jump room but you don't fall to your death.
Jump room is right before the boss room.

You can knock pillars down to make your path to the teleporter because the teleporter is sometimes where you can't jump to it.

The 1st room isn't a battle area.


Soundtrack:Ruins of the Silver Knights

Jin:So... this is Dynasty Temple...

Elesis:This place is so big!

Jin:Ha!This place doesn't compare to what the Silver Knights had,before it was destroyed

Sieghart:So classy...This is a perfect place for an immortal!

Jade:So,since you're here Grand Chase let's devise a pla-

Soundtrack:Altar of Judgement

  • Boom*!!!!!!!!!!

Sieghart:(That's sound could only be from an Unlimited Blade or Omnislash what's going on)

Jade:Grrrr....they're back...

The Next RoomEdit

Sieghart:What the!Prime Knights caused this.They wouldn't,they swore to protect the world to the Highlanders.'s Xanxus again,he's controlled the remaining Prime Knights on this continent.

Sieghart:Heh,don't worry fellow knights,for now your controlled but I'll set you free.

Elesis:Protect the Temple!

The Dungeon's End RoomEdit

Soundtrack:The 13th Reflection

Jade:So your back...

Evil Prime Commander:Ohohoho!Jade,you seem solar as always!

Jade:Flattery will get you nowhere!Why are you here!

Evil Prime Commander:I'm here looking for the Sky Holder,of course!

Jade:I have no Sky Holder!

Evil Prime Commander:We'll see about that!

Jin:Let us fight...!

After Defeating Evil Prime CommanderEdit

Evil Prime Commander:Ugh...

Jade:Take this!SolBlaster!

  • Jade Unleashed His Powers

Evil Prime Commander:Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jade:I would like to join you guys.I wanna find this so-called Sky Holder and the Freedom of X.

Sieghart:Sure,we need your help anyway.

Arme:You ain't strong,you pathetic!Get some Skills!!!


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