At the start of battle:

I am about to slice you with my swords

Hehe have fun dying

I will cut you

During battle:

I am more powerful than Thanatos (Not true sheesh Avion stop overdoing it XD)


Hehe you worked so hard too...

After battle:


You had it coming

As expected...


Rage of the master:Stabs forward with his swords then jump and crashes into the ground making a shockwave

Dual rage:Spins in circles cutting everything in his path then slashes 8 times

Bloody Destroyer:Slashes everywhere randomly then slashes while spinning finishing it with a giant shockwave



Dual Slash:Dash Z

Bloody Stab:Jump Down Down Z

Hyper Stab:XX Spam Z


Avion you may now step up as the Dual Swordmaster use your weapons well ~Good Acolyte~

GP:Aqquire 300 Dual Giant Sword fragments ,10 Gaikoz Helmets

Cash:10 Dual Giant Sword fragments ,1 Gaikoz Helmet

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