At the start of battle:

I am the DragonSlayer

Count on death

During battle:

Hehe pathetic

What are you stupid

You have no training

After battle:

You deserved it

That was easy


Dragon Slayer Gash:Stabs 8 times the jump and throws his sword and axe at the opponent

Dragon Slayer Rampage:Stabs randomly jump up crashes into the ground and then sends a giant wave at the enemy

Drangon Slayer Apocolypse:Summons other Dragon Slayers who stab and slash the enemy, then they summon a dragon who bites the enemy, roars and then breaths fire at the enemy



Dragon Slice:Up Z Down Z

Splice:Up Down Down ZZZZ

R.I.P.:XX Spam Z


Avion train with the DragonSlayers they will guide you ~Leader of DragonSlayers~

GP:Aqquire 50 Medals of Victory

Aqquire 1 Peace Maker

Aqquire 3 Gardosen Hoods

Aqquire 3 Basilisk Heart

Aqquire 10 Crystalized Golem Hearts

Cash:Aqquire 1 Medal of Victory

Aqquire 1 Gardosen Hood

Aqquire 1 Basilisk Heart

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