Fan Character Deus XeniaEdit

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  • 1st Job:Overlord
  • 2nd Job:Life Stealer
  • 3rd Job:Supreme King
  • 4th Job:Xenia


Made By: Zemryx

Age: 1000, (Form of 18)

Likes: Learning about new dark spells, relaxing, watching the sky at night, Gaia

Dislikes: Thanatos, Ashtaroth, Kaze'aze

He was the founder and ruler of Xenia Continent. He made a peaceful and strong relationship with the gods especially Gaia. At that time he began to suspect about Thanatos' actions but quickly forgot about it as Deus Ex did not intend on War in his domain. That night Thanatos attacked Deus Ex and warned him about what might happen if he ever told the other gods about Thanatos' plot. After healing himself, he told Perseo to protect Gaia forever while he left Xenia into their hands; Perseo followed his wish and left. Deus escaped Xenia and traveled to the other continents. What happened to him in those thousand years is left a mystery.


  • Before returning to Xenia, he tends to accompany and talk to Lire more because she reminds him of Gaia.
  • He always talks to Sieghart more than others because of the duo being immortal creatures.
  • Lire loves him (or Shadow) and Deus Ex knows this but tends to tease her due to her positive feelings.


Cost Mission item Mission Objectives
42000 GP Worn-Out Deus Xenia Mission
  • Collect 1 Samara Orb
  • Collect 1 Starklin Orb
  • Collect 1 Yamini Orb
  • Collect 1 Perseo Orb
  • Collect 1 Gaia Orb
  • Clear Fortress of Ascension Champion mode without dying even once
15000 Cash Deus Xenia Mission(Cash)
  • Collect a Crystal

Special AbilityEdit

Spear PillarEdit

Deus Ex has a charge bar which can only generate (Slowly) when he attacks monsters.

His Charge bar has a different use than Jin and Sieghart. Once the bar is full, the X button can activate its ability to summon large, spiky spears in every floor in one room. In random cases these can have special effects such as granting buffs to the players or monsters; seemingly a two-edged sword.


  • "Prepare to meet Death!"
  • "Burn!"
  • "Feel the Darkness consuming you!"
  • "I am the ruler of Xenia!"
  • "Why, a weakling!"
  • "I am Darkness Reincarnated!"

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