"Dear Queen of Serdin, life as a servant is terrible!" Cabe sighed, collapsing onto a sofa, Sinclaire giggled.

"We're only getting started to meeting the new you! Heehee!"~

Sinclaire has decided that Cabe's next test would be patience. When he was Kain he was known to charge straight into battle, letting others hold fort for hours to come. Now, it was his turn, with his new Plasma Shield emitter, Cabe slowly paces to battle!

Attack: Medium

Defense: Extremely High

Vitality: High

Speed: Low


Sliding Program!: Cabe closes is Emitter, leaving him vulenrable as he types into his wrist. He suddenly gains a 10 second speed boost! (Note: Unlike most mana attacks, he is NOT invincible during this. If he is hit, the move cancels.)

Striking Sphere!: Cabe increases his Emitters power setting, completely surrounding himself in a sphere of energy. He rolls forward as if it was a hamster wheel, dealing strong damage

'Stinging Cycle!:' Cabe spins in a ballerina twirl, sendig a circle shaped energy wave, that increases in size as it moves forward. Although slow, it causes tremendous repeating damage!


"So, what do you think?"

"Okay, NOW we're talkin'!"

"Still ticking, huh?"

"Lets see how ya DANCE!"

"YEOW! Overload in the pain signals!"

"OWIE! Dammit Sinclaire! I told you not to program PAIN!"

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