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Rotating Cuff Blades

Lord Raeo's Second Weapon


He uses Rotating Cuff Blades to hack and slash his way to victory.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
4000 GP

Deceptionist Mission (GP)

  • Collect 100 Old Cuff Fragments
  • Collect 100 Worn-out Rotater Fragments
  • Collect 100 Smashed Blade Fragments
  • Collect 10 Gaikoz Techniques
5400 Cash Deceptionist Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 10 Old Cuff Fragments
  • Collect 10 Worn-out Rotater Fragments
  • Collect 10 Smashed Blade Fragments
  • Collect 1 Gaikoz Technique

Basic Moves

Attack Mode

1st Mp Skill (Rotating Slash): Lord Raeo slashes the enemy up into the air and then while they're in the air he pulls his hand back and the blade starts to spin and then the enemy falls as he strikes out with the spinning blade sending the monster spiraling backwards.

2nd Mp Skill (Infinite Cut): He does Dark Assassin's third skill Unlimited Blade with his swords.

3rd Mp Skill (Calligraphic Blade Kick): Lord Raeo slashes the monster into the air and then performs Gaikoz DANGER move and to finish while the enemy is still in the air he jumps forward while doing a backflip and kicks out while upside down knocking the enemy into the side of the screen.

Deceit Mode

1st Mp Skill (Invisibility Is): He crouches down and then you're Invisible from enemies for 30 seconds like the Dark Assassin's first skill.

2nd Mp Skill (Decoy Here And There): He disappears and then two copies of him appear on the screen. One all the way to the left side and one all the way to the right and Lord Raeo appears in the middle. The copies don't move but if they are mistaken for you by monsters and are attacked they blow up burning anything it touches. This move fatals any creature within 5 levels of your own. Any creatures more than 5 levels under you die. Any monster 5 levels above you loses a great deal of health depending on their lvl to yours.

3rd Mp Skill (Catch Me Now): Lord Raeo disappears off the screen and then reappears on the opposite side of the level, or he reappears at the top of the screen diagonal where he was.