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Dark Anmon is the boss of Battle for Bermesiah.

Dark Anmon is a Fallen Nephilim Warrior who was once a guardian of the forest, according to Ryan, and is the one who is leading a siege against Bermesiah. He also informs the members of Grand Chase of the new continent.


Dark Anmon's combo attack is similar to those of Ryan's Nephilim. He also has an attack where he will thrust himself forward, damaging players in his path. He is able to use a large Soul Impact and can summon a dark tornado that will damage anyone who comes in contact with it. Dark Anmon can also summon Armored Cats, the number summoned depending on the number of cats already killed.

He is regarded as one of the most annoying bosses, for his frequent use of "Soul Effect", only to be rivaled by the Golem of Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor.

Because he tends to abuse Soul Effect, its a good idea to have a tank while everyone hits him. However, make sure hes on a higher platform so you can get down to escape the danger.


  • "Anmon" is also the name of troopers that were Beremesiahn Guardians which were corrupted into Kaze'aze's Minions. However, neither two have a relationship with each other.
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