Darahann The Soul Burner

Darahann (Pillaphit), The Soul Burner, Is A Boss For Underground Of Fire. He's A Blue Terra-Necrofriggian Like Boss. He Is Fought In The
PurpleDarahannGCFS4 DividedTower

Darahann In Hackredoic Dungeon (Divided Tower)

Hackredoic Dungeon, Divided Tower.

Attacks Edit

  • Fire Fart
  • Fire Soul Of Perra
  • Perra's Orb Of Fire
  • Summon Element: Fire (Seen In A Metacafe Video Named KGCFWC World 2-6 Pt 2.)

Trivia Edit

  • Josh's 6th Job In KRGCFWC Has A Skill Pointoiyitatolpionheradrionyunotia.
  • In PH, He Was Called Bloophilla & In TH, He Was Called Pillaphit, 

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