Sean 2nd

Sean's 2nd Job:CyclonerEdit


Sean Icon


Weapon:Double Sided Scythe

Transformation:Dark Wolf

The Dark Wolf is walking with two legs standing up.


1st Move:Furious Ragnorok:He spins the blades causing 6 slashes,then blasts the opponent with a ball of darkness

2nd Move:Reaper's Slash:First,he calls upon nature to summon a cloud above the enemy,then rain falls on them and petrifies them. Finally he splits the blades in two and slashes 4 powerful slashes at angles:45,90,180,and 360.

3rd Move:Power of Dark Nature:He summons poison ivy to wrap around the enemy, the enemy gets pain of about 3 sec.then Sean finishes it off with a dark lighting beam that's coming from his Cyclone Scythe and slashes the enemy rapidly for 5 sec.with a giant cut at the end.

Dark Wolf's SkillsEdit

1st Move:Dark and light:Slashes the enemy 6 times with dark and light claws.

2nd Move:Spirit Phantom:He uses dark force to make a hand and constricts the enemy for 6 sec.then crushes the enemy completely.

3rd Move:Dark Drill:The wolf does Ryan's "Spinning Phantom" but this one is purple and black.


Sean,we have seen your talent and what you can do.The undead army and me has decided to grant you dark powers and you can still use nature.We are trusting you with our sacred scythe"The Cyclone".But,in order to get The Cyclone use must pass our test! Good Luck to you!

-Dark Phantom-

  • 300 Cyclone Fragments
  • 10 Gaikoz Bones

Cash MissionEdit

  • 10 Cyclone Fragments
  • 1 Gaikoz Bone


Sean is now able to use dark powers now to help his nature powers.He has the Cyclone Scythe to destroy evil and help others.But his transformation of a bear-cat is gone,now his new transformation is a dark wolf the rarest of all wolves.He will grow stronger and have more powerful transformation in the future.


  • He can run faster
  • He can shoot ragna bolts
  • He has a berserk meter
  • Can also Back-Flip attack


Normal Attack:Slashes the blades 6 times back and forth then kicks

Critical Attack:� During the attack combo he slashes diagonally

Double Attack:He spins his blades after the attack

Jump Attack:Like Savior's Backflip attack

Ragna Bolt:Shoots a pointy stick of dark magic

Berserk Slashes:Spins his blades around 6 times then slashes diagonally

Practice Mode DescriptionEdit

Cycloner is a darker version of Seeker,and uses a double scythe,Cycloner now has the ability to transform into a dark wolf,a species that uses the power of darkness to conduct good deeds.

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