Lloyd icon

Lloyd has started noticing how his jabbing style isn't always the most effective way to dispatch foes, and thus he takes up the large Claymore blade, and readies himself for his next great adventure!

Attack: High

Defense: Medium

Vitality: Low

Speed: Medium


Impact Critical!: The screen darkens as Lloyd cuts at super sonic speeds. Similar to Rage Cutter

Twilight Rave: Lloyd squats, charging energy in his arms, before leaping high up and crashing down like a missle

Noble Rejection: Lloyd sends a shockwave all around him, before dashing through all enemies caught in the blast. Bears some similarity to Destroyer of Heaven.


"Time to get my slashy on!"

"I charge on to the most distant lands!"

"You'll be safe and sound."

"Argh! If you're trying to impress me, then you're doing a damn fine job!"

"Hear me say. I will not walk away"

"Will the angels give it all?"

"We’re the world, Watching you fall..."

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