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Crater Core
The chase has stumbled into to dark wasteland that is Crater Core.A land of hatred and despair,filled with lava and fire walls.They meet the boy named Ethan while fighting their way through.They found out in the dungeon that the Asalians were collecting resources for their Destructive Chaos Beam.

They need to stop the Asalians from stealing the resources and spoil their intentions for corrupting Crater Core.Will they pass and make their way through?


Lvl 19~21

Lvl 19 Red Draconian

Lvl 19 Dark Minion

Lvl 19 Flame Spellcaster

Lvl 20 Flame Destroyer

Lvl 19 Dark General


The room before the boss room,there's a jump room.

The way to pass it is you have to 1st go into the transporter and your between 2 rune spring,take the one on the right(The left is just the way back) and you jump to the higher platform finally you have to jump 7 platforms slightly seperate and farther up than each other.

Every room has fire walls and magma holes, a fire wall is a lava wall that comes out of these small crack in the ground,a magma hole is a gap with lava in it(The gaps are very small)
The room before the jump room is a "Don't let the monsters touch the orbs"room.

Rock monsters(Mistons but made of rock)are the monsters


Ryan:It seems we've made it to a volcanic place.

Sieghart:So this is the dark and pitiful Crater Core...It's not that bad.

Elesis:Huff Huff Huff!Yeesh,it's hot over here

Arme:Oh Elesis No.28 you know you're better than that!


Lire:Why do you keep calling Elesis No. 28?

Arme:Hehehe,no reason^^.

At the Jump RoomEdit

Elesis:Hey look there's someone over there,he looks familiar...

Jin:Blazing Sun,Drifting Wind,Declining Moon,Hidden Star...Where's my weapon name?!

Elesis:Jin,can you please be quiet for once,I think that guy's my brother...


Elesis:I'm not letting him get away...

Ethan:Let's defeat the General together...


At the bossEdit

~Ethan thrown at you~

Dark General:Muahahaha!To think you'd have a chance againist me!

Sieghart:(Ethan's in trouble!) Guys,we have to kill the general.It seems he has storage tanks to steal resources.

Dark General:Hmmm,Oh hey Jin,I see you've acquired the Jangriya,I guess I should pronouce you as Punisher since I'm your Teammate.

Jin:What?!?!?! was you.I'd recognized your style anywhere considering the fact that you left the knights,Vanrash!

Dark General:Now....let's get this started

After the bossEdit

Jin:The ugly black aura dissolved...

Vanrash:Jin...I have brought dishonor to the knights what can I do to redeem my bad deeds?

Jin:Well,I guess you can start recruiting more knights since your another survivor.Take care!

Ethan Well,guess it's time for me to leave...

Elesis:Wait!Can't you just join us,just until you redeem yourself,brother.

Ronan:(Oh no,not another oneO.o)Are you sure Elesis,that he can join our team?

Elesis:Yup,I'm sure,so what would you do Ethan?
Ethan:Ok,since my sister told me to then fine.

Sieghart:(Geez,another red head.)

Theme SongsEdit

Seeking For the end

Revamped Gaikoz Theme