Leave a message here to discuss ideas and thoughts and questions you may have.....................  :Edit

Ok, let's see. What if we all have a contest. Well, all of the editors here. Contest on a poster about New Year and (I hope) some will pick out the best. Made from ur ideas and of course, including GCF/GC.xD I can be scanned or paint/digital art.~Fallofdawn

thats a good idea... can i judge? i dont have too much time myself to sit and make one myself (im lazy) lol... i'm going to create a page for every editor on here that only i can edit.... it will be a page for your virtual medals and trophys from our contests..... (only i can edit so no one can mess around and cheat lol (not saying you would or anything its a precaution) )- ~LordRaeo

I'm just inspired in our contest here in the Philippine server of Grand Chase. Every event there is an contest.xD Ok.Ok. You can be the judge Lordraeo since you are the admins. Can we have excemptions on our birthdays?:D:D ~Fallofdawn

like happy birthday awards? Some medal on the page of Medals Of Glory that says Happy Birthday FallofDawn 2010. Also i think we should have an editor of the month award... Leave a poll on the main page to vote for the winner~Lordraeo

Like, for being judge for there birthday something and having a contest on the B-day poster too.x3 Editor of the month? I think so but ok! Can you just leave the poll on the main? I'm pretty sleepy cause I haven't slept yet and it's 4:35AM Jan 2,2009 here in the Philippines.`Falllofdawn

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