NOTE: these are the colors of all the characters, Fan and Real

GC Amy Icon

Amy: Pink, Purple

GC Elesis Icon

Elesis: Red, Brown

SF3K-X icon

Deimos: Maroon, Grey

GC Jin Icon

Jin: Red, Black, White

Ellix Icon

Raeo: Yellow, Brown, Orange, Tan

GC Ryan Icon

Ryan: Green, Orange

GC Lire Icon

Lire: Yellow, Green

Sinclaire icon

Sinclaire: Blue, Grey

Dark Preist2

Kyro: Blue, Purple, Black

GC Ronan Icon

Ronan: Blue

GC Arme Icon

Arme: Purple

Character Nina

Nina: White, Black, Yellow

GC Sieghart Icon

Seighart: Black, Purple, Blue

GC Lass Icon

Lass: Silver, Blue

Raide Icon

Raide: Silver, Purple


Tyrorik: White, Black, Gold

Character Sakura

Sakura: Green

Destiny icon

Destiny:Light Blue, Blue, Yellow, Gold

Coco icon

Coco:Carnation pink,sky blue,gold

Murk icon


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