Intro Edit

Serdin the kingdom of Magic a wonderful place there was a girl with blonde hair and smarter than any kind of person.

part 1 Edit

Serdin was attack by orcs all the people ran away Except one little girl who stared at them she started an eatrhquake to attack the Orcs all the Orcs fall when the earth quake hit them Everybody cheered for her heroicness.5 years later she made friends with a mage name Arme they were happy because of their friendship "So arme about the guild are you doing it right"Coco said "Yeah I'm gonna graduate the guild and become a violet mage!"Arme Replied."I know you can do it Arme!" Coco Cheered for her.Suddenly a blast appeared all the people ran away even the two all the guild leaders where killed because a war has started.

Part2 Edit

(to be continued)Sorry.....

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