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Creator: Leapingpanda and Shadowfang3000

"Time to roll out!"

Age: 29

Likes: Cooking, Sugar, Spice, Everything thats nice, Polishing his cutlery

Dislikes: Butlers, those who don't give tips, Strangers


During Nereus' homeless days, he lived of fresh fish he caught with his battered rod. Yet you need to cook food to eat it, do you not? Nereus as a child met an older boy called Chirashi Mikado, who too was homeless. They struck a deal, in which Nereus would catch fish, and Chirashi would cook it with his excellent cooking skills. They continued this tradition for many years, until the day Nereus met Shannon for the first time. Nereus was practically hypnotised, and forgot all about Chirashi and left wed Shannon. Chirashi wasn't exactly happy that his source of food and best pal left him, and resorted to stealing uncooked foods from restraunts. He was soon captured by the law enforcement of his land, and imprisoned. Barely and hour or so after his capture, his land came under siege, and a stray boulder from a catapult destroyed the wall of his cell. He leaped out and escaped the island along with many refugees. After finally reaching Serdin, he hunted down Shannons household, and questioned her of her husbands where-abouts. He was informed that he had left to find his son, prompting Chirashi to begin a search for his friend, and assist him on his quest


Chirashi doesn't really care about his poverty, although he does care in others health. He constantly journeys streets with his ingredients in hand to feed the hungry. Despite this niceness of his, he is known to get jealous easily, and clings onto his friends tightly


  • Nereus once removed Chirashi's large chef hat by accident, discovering that he was bald
  • Speaks with a mild Texas accent
  • It is unknown how he can see despite his hat
  • Some believe his hat is actually his hair, due to it steadily growing over his life

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