Jade is the leader of the Dynasty Knights and is envyed by all fighters.By using the power of the sun she can move extremely fast.And the reason why she is called a Chi Fighter instead of fighter is because her attacks are chi based.She's both the chase's healer due to the sun's healing power and fighter due to her mad skills.


1st Job:Chi Fighter

2nd Job:Shine Warrior
3rd Job:Solaris

4th Job:Empress

5th Job:Solar Knight

Weapons:Metal Kunckles

Abilities:SB and Solar Bar


Her abilities are Solar Bar and SB(Sun Burst):

  • SB is where you see a yellow colored sun symbol on a person after a combo.When you press X after the combo,at the same time as when the sun symbol appears,the enemy will get hurt by exploding chi,making an extra hit.
  • Solar Bar is her bar under the MP bar.The bar fills up depending on how much you hit.Press X to activate it.Solar Mode powers up her attack and defences but not speed.It lasts for 10 seconds.


Lotus Kick:Jade jumps into the air kicking up then kick in a 360 revolution sending the person up.(4x Hits)

Bursting Lotus:Puts her hands together and a white lotus made of chi expands around her blowing and damaging monsters around her.(7x Hits)

SolBlaster:She puts her hand up,gathering solar energy and throws it down,exploding a wide area with high damage.(5x Hits)

Solar Mode:Edit

Solar Lotus Kick:Jade jumps into the air kicking up,then dives upwards with her foot making the enemy hurt by exploding chi.(5x Hits)

Solar Bursting Lotus:Puts her hands together,1st chi circles around her a second,hurting enemies gradually,then a stronger lotus made of chi expands and blows them away.(10x Hits)

Solar SolBlaster:Puts her hands forwards making a chi spiral then a large sun beam blasts the enemies.(7x Hits)


Basic Combo(SB):Hits with her palms 4 times then side kicks.

Critical Attack(SB):Punches to the ground then uppercuts.

Double Attack(SB):Punches forwards.

Dash Attack(SB):Hits with her palms once with each palm.

Upper Rising(SB):She Kicks Upwards.

Jump Attack:Kicks in mid-air.

Slide Attack:Slides under the enemy.

Grab:Throws the enemy up,the enemy then gets damaged with chi.(High Damage)


  • I'm Jade,It's an honor to meet you.
  • Will you fight?
  • Stop playing around.
  • Are you a fool?
  • Hyaa!
  • Ugh...I've been countered...
  • Train some more.
  • You've fought well...

Mission RequirementsEdit

Grand Chase,I would like to join you to fight for world peace and the freedom of X.Please let me join.


  • Claim 20 fragments of Dark Prime Gear.
  • Defeat Evil Prime Commander 3 times.
  • Clear Agraddon Border and Dynasty Temple once.


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