Do you think your character should have a theme song? Well post links here to your characters special tunes! (Remember! Characters can have more then 1 theme, but don't go overkill!

LordRaeo's CharactersEdit



Tyrorik: he is a fallen God after all lol.

You should get a new link for Tyrorik that video is gone now lol. Zsashas 22:13, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Blake0108's CharactersEdit

Murk: or

the songs are blast of wind and candy pop

FallofDawn's CharactersEdit

Note: Sorry, I'm a KH(Kingdom Hearts) Girl so all themes come from KH. :D I'm Little Miss KH! \:D/



Sakura95's CharactersEdit

Sakura: Misunderstood, wants to forget, by showing off and fighting.

Number One

The World

Samuel: Always wants to attract some attention. And he miserably fails.


Karen: Delicate one, drawn into the war because of need to save the others...

Flower Of Hell

Vizeyn: A lost soul, lurking inside the other one.


What can you see in their eyes?

Shadowfang3000's CharactersEdit

Character Themes:Edit

Raide, The Flirting Failure:

Sinclaire, The Insane Mechanic:

Deimos, Kaze'azes Dearest:

Antheia, The Bloody Lady:

Wesker, The Reincarnated Opposition/ Remnant Cowboy:

Nereus, The Friendly Fisherman:

Lloyd, The Notorious Noble:

Ashcroft, The Doom Sayer

Cabe, the Combat Construct:

Luruna, the Cursed Crafter:

Lock, The Sealed Demon

Altelier, How it all ends (My favourite classical piece of music :P)

LeapingPanda and Shadowfang3000 COLLAB CHARACTERSEdit

Leon, The Loving Gambler:

Chirashi, The Master Chef:

NPC's/ Story CharactersEdit

Ladrington XI, The King:

Shannon, the Perfect Princess:

Treadd, the Homeless Sage:

Ernest, the Master and Commander

Claire, The Middle Mistress

Orion, the Traumatic Prince

Rhode, The Joker

Stayin, The Behind the Scenes Worker

The Editor, The True Evil

Continent/Level ThemesEdit

Anastasia (The Underworld Continent):

Evlavios (The Religious Continent):

Veronath (Star Crossed Continent):

Lilea (The Ideal World Continent):

Group Themes:Edit




The 'Azes (Raide, Sinclaire, Deimos):

The Lancers (Deimos, Ladrington, Leon):

Father and Son (Raide and Deimos):

Suffering and Pain (Wesker and Ashcroft):

The Underlings (Wesker and Cabe):

The Cowboys (Deimos and Wesker):

The Night and his Moon (Wesker and Antheia):

The Moon and her Night (Wesker and Antheia):

The Techno-Duo (Sinclaire and Cabe):

The Team (ALL of Shadowfang3000's characters): (Metal Gear FTW!)

One Big Happy Family (Raide, Sinclaire, Deimos, Nereus, Lloyd, Leon, Cabe, Luruna, Chirashi):

One Small Depressed Household (Antheia, Wesker, Ashcroft, Lock):

The Kings favourite (Deimos and Ladrington):

One Small Happy Family (Nereus, Shannon, Emily, Jean and Rufus):

The Final Casualty (Ernest's final death)

The Daughter (Lock and Rhode)

Race to the finish! (Raide, Nereus and Chirashi)

Blue Magi:

The Two who know it all (Altelier and The Editor):



Lloyd: Raiden from MGS2

Leon: Rocketbilly Redcadillac from Gungrave 3:49

Ashcroft: Vamp from MGS2

Cabe: Cam Clarke

Luruna: Rose from MGS2

Lock: Vincent Valentine from FFVII

Altelier: Scar from Lion King


Gabriel333's charactersEdit

Coco: Tagalog)


froslass' charactersEdit



RProdigy's CharacterEdit

Binka: or

GcThe5th's CharactersEdit

Lucas, The Shaman :

Eire, The Priestess:

Zsashas's CharactersEdit

Sabrille, The Gunman: (Main Theme :3 )

Athras, The Trustee:

Thralk, The Sorcerer of the Dead: (0:00 - 0:16 is the best :3 ) (Dialogue)

Zath, The Shade: (Skelra Boss Battle)

Keyava, The Ritual Summoner: (Skelra Boss Battle) (First Appears)

Shadowblade777's CharactersEdit

Shadow: Our Adventure Begins The Great Battle Battle of Souls The Shadow The God of Twilight Shadow's Final Stand Peace Comes Hard Times Traverse Sorrowed Losses It Only Begins... A Heart of Love A Dark Future Awaits...

Ymant10's CharactersEdit

Blaze's Characters:

Sean, The Diviner's Legacy:

The Encounter

Boys and Girls(REBORN!)

Tammy, The Tamer of Twilight:


Hibari Kyoya Theme

Ethan,The Outcast of Society:


Remember the name(When he's in battle)

Hana,The Ninja of Aggradon:


Bad Apple Stage 3

Fiore Preview,The Possessed Desciple:

Monastary in Disguise

Xanxus Theme 3

Jade ,Leader of the Dynasty Knights:

Bad Apple(Original)

Kagi Honou ,The Sky Holder and the 11th generation Vantora Sky Element:

Blazing Side:



Normal Side:

World's End Dancehall

World is Mine

Lost and Found(I think the good part is 1:28-1:48)

Spartiel,The Spartan who taught Sieghart:

Animal I've Become (Frenzy Rage Mode)

One Step Closer (Serious Rage Mode)

Hero (Regular Mode)

The Blaze(Everyone): song made me shed tears)

Blade's Characters:

Avion,The Bloody Knight:[Suey]

Hiaku,The Evil Fighter:1

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