The Celesterra is a combination of a sword and a scythe.Kagi holds the

Celesterra with the scythe forward and the sword like a gladius.The attacks either stab and slice,and they're all fire-related.

Note:This article is only to display the movements of the Celesterra

Normal Side:Edit

X-Gash:Kagi distaches the Sycthe-sword combination,slashes an X with the Scythe,then stabs the sword once,making 3 hits.(5x Hits)(2 Sec. to use)

Deathly Blaze:Kagi puts a rune the size of a small dome and forces fire to erupt from the edges.(8x Hits)(3 Sec. to use)

Shining Sky:Kagi gathers flame energy in her Celesterra and stabs the sword into the sky,making a large rune,the rune then makes a pillar high enough to reach the sky.It drags people in and scrapes their flesh with flame.(10x Hits)(5 sec. to use)

Blazing Side:Edit

Sky Destruction:Kagi throws the Celesterra and fire spits out of it,creating a drizzle of fire.

Flaming Grind:Kagi grinds the ground forward slowly and a orange colored ball of fire rushes forwards and the ball breaks into shards of fire,hitting multiple enemies.

Blazing Destroyer:The Celesterra becomes covered with runes with text and fire and spins the Celesterra,forming a spiral of fire.The power is so hard that it pulls enemies in,stunning them,then fire pillars pushes the enemy away from each side 3 times.

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